The Path – Ritual


‘We tend to think of ritul as something that tells us what to do, not as something transformative. But one stand of classical thought (p24) beginning with Confucius, led to a radically new vision of exactly what ritual can do.’


p25 ‘We need to know what he did on a daily basis. The reason these daily moments are important is because, as we will see, they are the means through which we can become different and better human beings.

Such a stance is rare in the field of philosophy. If you take most any philosophy class or read a philosophical work, chances are the philosoper will jump right in with big questions such as: Do we have free will? What is the meaning of life? Is expereinces objective? What is moralility?

But Confucius took the opposite approach in his teachings. rather than start with the great big philosophical questions, he asked this fundamental and deceptively profund question:

How are you living your life on a daily basis?’


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